(. Dmg file, 29, 3 MB, including help files) for OS XP10. 4 or later (13, 3 MB) for

OS XP10. 4 or later (Universal Binary) — Use this if you want a smaller download (without help files).

Installation instructions (. Dmg files): Double-click the downloaded. dmg to mount it.

Copy the «Audacity» folder from the newly mounted. dmg to / Applications (or any other location of your choosing). Eject the. dmg at bottom left of Finder, then launch Audacity. app from the «Audacity» folder that you copied. — Over 90 plug-ins. — Завантажити додаткові модулі ефектів. — Забезпечує експорт в M 3 з Audacity. — Allows Audacity to import and export many additional audio formats such as AC3, AMR (NB), M4A and WMA, and to import audio from video files. If you have trouble with your download, or need an older version of Audacity, try :: View older versions by clicking to enter the required folder under «Name». : Click on the headings to sort the list. For advanced users, for OS XP10.

4 or later (Universal Binary) are available for testing purposes. «Nightly Builds» are Alpha builds from latest development code. Your help in testing and in these builds is invaluable.

Note: These builds will definitely be less reliable than official releases. They should not be used as your production version of Audacity.

Mac OS

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